Heather Cowie

Heather Cowie

Nature: her shapes, habitats, weather, seasons and moods are the touchstone for my imagination. I was born in Australia, where I first worked as a field geologist in some of the most remote, wild and beautiful habitats on Earth. Earth exploration also saw me working in South Africa and the sub-Antarctic. Field geology demands an acute sense of seeing, thus my transition and translation into becoming a professional visual artist was a hugely natural one.

After completing a Masters degree in Fine Art, I continued to exhibit in major Australian galleries before marrying the British (UMP) composer Edward Cowie, and moving to the UK in 1995. My homes in Kent, Devon and France deepened, enlarged and enriched my sensual memories of place, space and time.

I now live and work in Cumbria between the mountains, moors, sea, and of course, the earth and the sky. My experience of the colour, form and dynamics of the natural world constantly informs my means of expression and reconnects me with my deep wonder of, and respect for, this incredible planet we call home.

My works are in public and private collections in many countries of the world.

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