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Havergal BRIAN: The Tigers

Burlesque opera, prologue, 3 acts, 1917-29.

Prologue and Act I:
Columbine (soprano), Toy seller (soprano), Lady 1 (soprano), Lady 2 (soprano), Costerwoman (mezzo), Sweetmeat seller (alto), Dude 1 (alto), Dude 2 (alto), Old clothes seller (tenor), Pantalon (tenor), Clergyman 1 (tenor), Clergyman 2 (tenor), Man on elephant (tenor), Artist (tenor), Billposterer (baritone), Coster 1 (baritone), Coster 3 (baritone), Policeman 1 (baritone), Policeman 2 (baritone), Policeman 3 (baritone), Policeman 4 (baritone), Policeman 5 (baritone), Clergyman 3 (baritone), Clergyman 4 (baritone), Elephant keeper (baritone), Crier (baritone), Gentleman 1 (baritone), Gentleman 2 (baritone), Fruitseller (bass), Coster 2 (Henry) (bass), Clergyman 5 (bass), Clergyman 6 (bass), Colonel Sir John Stout (bass), Regimental sergeant major (bass).

Acts II and III:
Lady Stout (soprano), Mrs Pamela Freebody (soprano), Mrs Curzon (mezzo), Bishop (tenor), Police sergeant (tenor), Cook 1 (tenor), Cook 2 (tenor), Man in plusfours (tenor), Red Indian (baritone), Napoleon (baritone), Alexander the Great (bass), Colonel Sir John Stout (bass), Police sergeant (bass), Regimental sergeant major (bass), The Tigers (TTBB chorus), Crowds etc (SATB choruses).

3 flutes (2 also piccolos), 3 oboes (1 also cor anglais), 3 clarinets (1 also Eb clar, 1 also bass clar), 3 bassoons (1 also contra), 6 horns, 4 trumpets, bugle in C, 4 trombones, 5 tubas, euphonium, timpani (3 players), cymbal, bass drum, side drum, long drum, triangle, tambourine, tamtam, thunder machine, whip, sleigh bells, town crier’s bell, police bell, ship’s siren, telephone bell, police whistle, motor horn, fire bells, tubular bells in Bb, C, D, Eb, xylophone, glockenspiel, celesta, harmonica, 2 vibraphones, tubaphone, 2 harps, organ, strings
offstage (Act III, sc2): 2 or more piccolos, 4 or more flutes, 3 or more side drums, bass drum.

Duration – 180′.

Vocal score.

Performing material on hire.

Composer: BRIAN, Havergal
Instrument: opera
Price: Vocal Score: £51.99
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